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An Animal's Love is Infinite

Discover the amazing wisdom your animal wants to share with you.
Schedule a Soul Level Animal Communication® session!
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Meet Jody Crotty

Soul Level Animal Communicator®

Jody offers intuitive Animal Communication sessions helping you discover the amazing lessons your animal wants you to know. She works with animals alive and those in spirit. Jody’s intuitive nature with her reassuring manner helps you understand the what and the why your animal has been in your life.

Jody is a Certified Soul Level Animal Communicator® with the Danielle MacKinnon School of Animal Communication.

"Once we understand an animals infinite love, we find peace within ourselves."




"Jody is one of the most genuine and enthusiastic people I've ever met. Jody's whole heart expands into every reading she gives encompassing both the animal she's working with and their human into a beautiful circle of love. Her big heart and single minded-focus play a role too as she's fierce in her determination to help you create a better relationship with your pet AND heal yourself in the process."

- Danielle M., Maine

Forest Trees


In Do You Talk with Animals, animals share heartfelt symbols with a girl showing her she can connect with her intuition through what she sees, hears, feels and knows about the world around her. Engaging the reader to embrace and discover the senses of connection and asking who did you connect with today?


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