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  • How do I prepare for a Soul Level Animal Communication® session?
    Prepareing for a session is easy! Find a quiet place free from distractions, try to clear your mind and take a few deep breaths. Think about the question(s) you would like to ask your animal, sometimes your animal may bring up information that's more important for you to know. Open ended questions are the best type of questions to ask. For example, "Is my pet happy?", will not give as much information as "What can I do to create a better relationship with my pet?" Jody will work with you on your question(s) to allow for the most information possible. It's a good idea to have a pen and paper near by to write down the information, you may want to think about it later. Mostly relax, be open and have some fun!
  • Does my pet need to be with me during the session? Do you need a photo?
    Jody connects intuituvely with your animal, your pet does not need to be with you,even near you or alive, she can connect with pets that have crossed over. A photo of your pet is also not needed, the less information about your pet the better the session is for you!
  • What happens during a Soul Level Animal Communication® session?
    Jody will intuitively connect with you first to get a sense of your personality. The reason she connects with you is because of the strong bond you have with your pet, plus it makes for a better session for you and your animal. Then she will connect with your animal and share information about them. If your pet is alive, Jody will do a body mapping to check in with them to see how they feel in their physical body. However, this is NOT meant to be a substitue for conventional veterinary medical care, please consult your veterinarin for any medical concerns you have. If your pet has crossed over, body mapping is not necessary. You will then have the chance to ask your question(s), now for the lovely part of the session, you will discover the soul lesson your animal is helping you to learn! Jody is a firm believer that every animal you come into contact with has a specific lesson to teach you!
  • Can Jody locate lost or missing pets?
    Jody does not connect in with lost or missing pets, but she can refer you to another intuitive who does.
  • What if I have to cancel or reschedule my session?
    Sessions must be scheduled with a 48 hour notice. All sessions that may be cancelled or rescheduled must be within 48 hours ahead of the timed appointment to recieve a refund.
  • Can you connect in with more than one animal during a session?
    Trying to connect with more than one animal can lessen the experience for you and can limit the depth of the information you can receive. It's better to schedule different sessions for more than one animal, trust when she says all the animals have different ways to teach you!

Frequently Asked Questions

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