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My Story


Jody Crotty

If you were say to me “you’re crazy when it comes to animals!”, I would agree with you 100%! Ever since I can remember animals have been the constant in my life. What kid doesn’t bring armfuls of stuffed animals into their backyard to let them roam free? Yup, that’s me! Even playing out a heroic deed like rescuing a baby robin that had fallen from the maple tree, a scene from the T.V. show Lassie, with my own collie Jessie. Every time I hear the song “Jessie's Girl” by Rick Springfield, I have fond memories serenading to my dog Jessie across the house! My passion, curiosity and connection with ALL animals continued to grow.

As I grew up (kinda), I began to discover the animals in my life were guiding and supporting me the whole way! It was when I went to a medium at a friends party, that my whole world changed or let’s say a giant light bulb over my head finally went on! The psychic told me that I was surrounded by many animals, that I have an extreme deep connection with them and nature. "Huh?" What does that mean, I thought. It was after the 100th question, I asked about "why" the animals were surrounding me and she tells me “just Google it!”, So I did! I learned from my Google search that there's a thing called Animal Communication, OH what? No way! There’s even Soul Level Animal Communication, my mind shattered with excitement!

The Process

Are you grieving the loss of your pet and want to know how they are on the other side?
Do you feel your overly affectionate pet chose you?

As a Certified Soul Level Animal Communicator®, Jody helps you discover and understand the meaningful messages from the animals in your life. A session with Jody offers you the opportunity to receive loving wisdom from your animal's perspective, to hear their side of the story. Jody’s intuitive nature with her cheerful demeanor, provides gentle support when you’re grieving the transition of your cherished companion, as well as, offers assistance as you resolve animal behavior issues. She connects with animals alive and those in Spirit, fostering the infinite love animals have in your life.

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Jody's Animal Communication Journey

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